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If you like your garden, you'll love the new Growitall Planter.
Produce spectacular flowering displays or grow herbs and vegatbles,

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Year round vertical gardening anywhere!

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Introducing the new 'Growitall' vertical planting system!


Use the Growitall Planting system with its patented planting cups to produce stunning flowing displays like these, the revolutionary vertical planting system encourages heathy plant growth with spectacular results

• Grow flowers, vegatables, herbs & salads

• Makes watering and feeding easy

• Supports young palnts & helps prevent weeds

• Large openings accommodate all nursery plug plants

• Designed for fences, walls, balconies & terraces

• Wall hanging or free-standing

• Link multiple planters to make beautiful displays

Easy to assemble, made from 100% recycled material & re-usable year after year

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Produce amazing flowing displays like these with Growitall!

British Innovation & Manufacture UK Patent No. GB 0724189.6

Patent No: GB 0724189.6

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Happy Vertical Gardening!